Tuesday, September 12, 2017

First Newspapers

Readings (2) and Images
  1. Read about the first attempt of a newspaper in America, by clicking here
  2. Click here to see an image of its first page.
  3. Read about the first newspaper in Canada by clicking here.
Journal Entry
Reflection Entry #1 – First Newspapers

Complete your first blog reflection entry based on what you have read about the first newspapers (from the linked articles listed above). You can consider the following:
  • The delivery of information: Compared to today, what are some of the obvious differences between these historical newspapers and today’s modern newspapers or reading news online?
  • Newspaper suppression: Publick Occurrences was forced to shut down because they were critical of the government. Do you think the government should have that kind of control or power today? Explain your position. 
  • Publishing today: Many newspapers today can be critical of the government, businesses, etc. but still continue to publish. Why do you think that is? What do you think prevents the government from closing down newspapers or other media organizations? (Hint: Click here and Click here)
  • Newspapers in Canada: Were you surprised to learn that the first newspaper in Canada was in Halifax? If so where did you think it would be? Why?
You will be graded on the following (5 pts each, value: 20 pts)
  • The reflection entry effectively discusses some of the ways modern newspapers and articles online are different from older ones.
  • The entry includes substantial thoughts on newspaper suppression.
  • The entry effectively addresses why the author thinks newspaper can be critical today and what he/she thought about the first newspaper in Canada being located in Halifax.
  • The entry was completed on time with less than three grammatical or sentence structure errors (Friday, September 15) 

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