Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Technology and the World of Journalism in the 21st Century

Below are links to commentaries where journalists consider how the world of journalism will change this year. Based on our discussion in class on how the Internet/technology impacts how we consume news and other information, select one of the articles and as a group discuss the article and whether you agree or disagree with the opinion(s) presented.

Then as a group do the following (you will be presenting this to the rest of the class):
  • Summarize what you think are the main points of the article
  • Provide an example of what the article is discussing (the article itself may have links to examples)
  • State whether your group agrees or disagrees with the article and why
Your format for the presentation is up to you. Google Slides is a good option. An example of the assignment is below.
  • The students presented an effective summary of the article that extends the class discussion.
  • The students provided a solid example that connects with the article's main points.
  • The students offered their own opinions on where they stand on the opinions expressed in the article.
  • The students presented an engaging presentation and all of them participated. 

An Example

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