Monday, October 30, 2017

Caught in Lies

Below are links to articles on journalists who have been caught in lies. Read the two articles and complete a reflective piece (journal entry) based on the questions below. Include a creative title for your entry. Remember to look at how your work will be assessed. The assessment is below the questions. This assignment is to be posted and completed on your blog by next Monday, November 06.

The articles
Questions to use for your journal reflection:
  • Have you ever considered that the news you read (or watch or hear) may be factually incorrect or even fabricated? Explain why or why not.

  • What is your reaction to the two articles? Were you surprised to find out that professional journalists have fabricated news?

  • Journalist Jack Shafer writes “most liars make things up for the simple reason that they don't have the talent or the ability to get the story any other way.” Do you agree with Shafer's assertion? Explain.

  • Given what Shafer says, do you think that colleges and universities should make sure graduating journalism students can handle the responsibilities and pressures? Discuss your thoughts in your entry.

  • Do you think when issues of ethics arise that a newspaper ombudsman helps? An ombudsman is a professional journalist whose sole responsibility is to respond to reader complaints and provide an independent critique of the paper's performance. Explain why or why not. Read more here if you require additional information.
How you will be assessed on the following (5 pts each for a total of 20 pts):
  • Overall, the journal entry shows much thought and effort.

  • There are fewer than three grammatical errors or sentence structure issues in the entry.

  • Each question provided for the entry has been effectively addressed.

  • The entry was completed on time and includes a creative title.

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