Sunday, October 15, 2017

What is Newsworthy?

You have looked at how a news story is structured, and in journalism class you started work on your job assignments. Every job assignment we have - from the yearbook to podcasting to the online school newspaper - deals with how newsworthy the story is. Whatever we are covering, we have to ask ourselves what is newsworthy to our audience.

Read the following article "What Makes a Story Newsworthy". This article provides a list of five factors that make a story newsworthy:
  • Timing
  • Significance
  • Proximity
  • Prominence
  • Human Interest
Find two news articles online from news sources like CBCHuffington Post, or VICE News, and using a scale from 1-4 (1 being the least, 4 being the most), grade each story on how newsworthy it is. Your score will total up to 20 points (5 factors X 4 points each).

Include in each score a summary explaining your mark for each factor. Also make sure to provide a link to each news story. NOTE: If you do not complete this assignment in the same day, make sure to get your links from the selected stories so you can easily access them the next day. See below for an example of this assignment.

You will be assessed on:
  • Overall effort
  • Spelling/Grammar/Mechanics
  • Strong summary for each factor
  • Links to each news story, story headlines and final marks are provided
Deadline is next Monday, October 30. 

An Example:

Chilean miners' rescue capsule works in test

Timing - 4/4
This is a news story that has been in the public eye since August when the 33 miners were trapped. It is the latest update in the rescue mission which will begin on Wednesday to free the trap miners. I gave it a 4/4 on timing, because it is an update on the rescue attempt of these trapped miners.

Significance - 3/4
While the number of miners trapped is not in the hundreds, 33 miners is a significant number. It has grabbed the attention of not only the people of Chile, but everyone around the world.

Proximity - 3/4
The geographical proximity is not close for a Canadian reader, but Canadians can connect to this story as we have had our share of mining disasters. It is a story that connects to Canadian history, and it a story we hope has a happy ending.

Prominence - 2/4
The story has prominence because of the number of miners and the unique rescue attempt that is being made. I gave it a lower mark because few would have known who these miners were even in their own country, let alone in the world. Although they are well known now because of their dire circumstances.

Human Interest - 4/4
This story appeals greatly to emotion as people hope and pray that the 33 miners are rescued successfully.

Final Newsworthy Mark - 16/20

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