Friday, October 6, 2017

Writing the News Articles

In the last assignment, we looked at the basics for writing a news article, and then you selected three news article so you could analyze the writing structure. Today you will write your own news article to get a sense of how it is done. If you need to review the basics, click here.

Most of the time finding a news idea to write about is not hard, but for this assignment you will be creating your own news. You will be provided with a few photos and you have to determine what is happening in the photo and then report the news in a written article. You will also create a headline for your article.

Below are a few images you can choose from for your news article. Once you have selected your image, brainstorm the following:
  • Who, what, when, where, why (and, if applicable, how)
  • What sources are used (quotes, statistics, etc.)
  • What other details are important about the news story?
  • Which information is most important and should be place first?
  • A short attention-getting headline
  • A strong lead (beginning)
Remember to keep your paragraphs short and make every effort to create a lead that draws the reader's interest and attention. The deadline is next Monday, October 16.

You will be graded on the following (5 pts each, value: 25 pts):
  • The lead (the first and maybe second paragraph) contains who, what, when, where, why
  • The lead is effective and draws the reader's attention and interest
  • The article is written in inverted pyramid style
  • The article includes at least two sources
  • The headline is an attention grabber
  • Fewer than three grammatical or sentence structure issues
Below are the photos you can select from. There is also an example of a news lead and the first few paragraphs that was created for one of the photos.

Example of a lead and the first few paragraphs (photo of little girl on the slide)

Special surprise on first day of school for elementary students (headline)

Students at Betterville Elementary School were all smiles this Monday when their brand new playground was officially opened.

With support from the local home and school association and various fund raising events, the playground received over $25, 000 in new equipment.

The poor condition of the playground forced the school administration to prevent students from using it. But that situation changed this week when students returned to school and discovered the new equipment.

"The students could hardly contain their excitement all morning," said Principal Violet Blueberry. "There was certainly a lot of discussion among the staff and students over the new playground equipment," she added.

Students from kindergarten to grade five swarmed the renovated playground at morning break and again at lunch time. Grade two student Sally Smiles said that her favourite playground activity was sliding.

The article would continue...what else would be included that would be informative to the reader, but not as important?

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