Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Analyzing Video

This assignment requires your team to find a video that you find appealing and effective. Using the codes and conventions from the previous assignments, you will determine what makes the video effective. 

The video you use for this assignment does not necessarily have to be a Public Service Announcement (PSA). It could be a commercial or any other type of short video. Consider the one we discussed in class. It was not a PSA or a commercial, but it still is a good example to consider and analyze. 

Click here to access the Google document you will use to complete this assignment. This is the master copy for every team, so remember to make a copy of this document before starting your work. 

When you have completed the assignment, share it with your teacher.

Also take some time to go over your assignment and make sure each team member will share a part of it when you present your findings tomorrow. 

The example we discussed in class:

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